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Entrevista da IGN à SUMO Digital sobre Sega Superstar Tennis


O site IGN teve a oportunidade de fazer uma curta entrevista à equipa SUMO Digital sobre Sega Superstar Tennis, especialmente a versão Wii e DS.

Primeiro, há que notar que este jogo está a ser desenvolvido há mais de um ano em relação ao Wii Sports, Sega Superstar Tennis promete trazer variedade com as várias personagens juntamente com diversos modos de jogo e mini-jogos(alguns deles bem criativos, diz a SUMO).

Também prometem que a versão Nintendo DS vai ser visualmente um dos melhores jogos para à consola portátil.

O jogo está previsto para lançamento em Março de 2008(se bem que ainda é provisório).

Também vão ficar contentes por saber que Beat de Jet Set Radio e Nights são personagens selecionáveis neste jogo.


IGN: How long has the Wii version been in development?

Woodley: SEGA Superstars Tennis has been in development for nearly about a year.

IGN: As far as control goes, how will the Wii version specifically be played? Will players use motion controls for swinging? Does the game make use of IR for the interface?

Woodley: There are three mains controls when playing the Wii version of SEGA Superstars Tennis. There's the Wii Remote classic style where you can play with conventional controls using the directional pad to move your player and buttons for shots. With the Wii Remote IR motions, you can use the tilt sensitivity to influence a character's run behavior combined with IR motion sensitive moves. Finally, with the Nunchuk controls, you use the analog stick to move your player and the swing the Wii Remote to perform different shots.
IGN: Obviously one of Wii's top titles at launch was Wii Sports, including Wii Tennis. Did you draw any ideas from Nintendo's launch title? How does SEGA Superstars Tennis differ?

Wii Sports is a wonderful title because the play mechanics were very easy for anyone to pick up and play. SEGA Superstars Tennis is also very easy to pick up and play though we have a bit more in depth in terms of the different character attributes as well as Superstar Powers. What makes the game really stand out is how the development team incorporated the vast heritage of SEGA characters into the title that we think SEGA fans will really appreciate that. Lastly, SEGA Superstars Tennis also has a ton of replayability with its numerous play modes and mini games.

IGN: Will the game run in 480p and 16:9 display?

Woodley: Not only will game run in 480p resolution, it will also run at a smooth 60 frames per second frame rate and at 16:9 display.

IGN: What type of multiplayer features can players expect? Will we see online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, or is it local multiplayer only?

Woodley: SEGA Superstars Tennis is twice as much fun once you get a doubles match going on and the game supports 2-4 players. The game does not support Nintendo Wi-Fi connection at this time and only supports local multiplayer.

IGN: Please go into detail on the mini-games. How many will the final version have, and what type of games are included? Are they all multiplayer?

Woodley: Well, we don't want to give all the details on mini games, but suffice to say there are a lot. As mentioned earlier, the development team took a great deal of time and care to incorporate the great SEGA universe wherever they could and gamers will definitely see the most creative use of the SEGA universe of titles in these mini-games.

IGN: Aside from control, are there any aspects of the Wii version that set it aside from the other platforms, Mii integration or the like?

Woodley: Personally, I find that the Wii version of the game is much more fun to play as the development team did an excellent job of making the IR controls intuitive and entertaining.

IGN: How does the DS version stack up to other platforms? Will there be touch support during gameplay?

The development team has really flexed their muscle on the DS as its one of the better DS games I've seen on the system – I'll even go out on a limb and say it's the best looking DS game I've played so far. There is touch play integration so players can opt to play the game using the touch screen.

IGN: Does the DS version also include multiplayer? If so, is it local or online play? Is DS download play supported?

Woodley: The DS version does include multiplayer with both single-card and multi-card play

IGN: Why should Nintendo system owners (both DS and Wii) be excited for SEGA Superstars Tennis?

Woodley: I think Nintendo system owners who want an extremely fun game with tons of replayability will definitely be excited for SEGA Superstars Tennis. Old school Nintendo fans will really appreciate the old school SEGA characters and atmosphere.

IGN: Is there a specific release date yet? How much will the games be listed at MSRP?

Woodley: Currently the game is slated to release in March 2008. Pricing will be revealed at a later time.

IGN: Which character is the office favorite so far?

Woodley: That's pretty tough as I really like a lot of the characters. The development team has done a tremendous job of making each character play very unique especially giving each of the selectable characters their "signature style" that hardcore SEGA fans will really appreciate. NiGHTS is really fun to play as he floats across the court. I like Ulala as well as her Superstar power is a lot of fun to use. Of course, Sonic is really enjoyable as well - there's something cool about seeing him roll into a ball as he's moving along the baseline.

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